Deepa Asnani started her career in advertising, as a writer - working in key management positions for recognized companies like @dubaifilmfestival @emirates and D-Seven Films to name a few. 

Her journey brought her closer to the camera, and once she picked it up, she couldn’t put it down. She produced films for brands like @niveame @esteelauder and @virgin.


What she loves most is telling ‘real stories’ and has a unique approach to wedding films, specifically for the Emirati bride.

A few months ago, Deepa turned the camera on herself, to harness her skills in storytelling, PR and entertainment into a @youtube vlogging channel.

You probably spotted Deepa working the camera at our most recent event! So head over to her channel, subscribe, and hit that bell to watch her latest vlog, where she’ll be capturing the essence of a @thewomenxchange event and telling our story. 

Follow her on IG: @dee.dxb @dxb.films 

YouTube channel: DEE DXB

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